Ok… now what?

Big news of the day is the alleged death of Osama Bin Laden at the hands of US Navy Seals. The government reports a DNA match, has handed us some footage of a bloody room, and says he was buried at sea according to Islamic law. That’s fine and dandy. Now that 1 terrorist mastermind is dead, what about the rest? International terrorism based in radical Islam did not die with him – so what’s the plan? Do we pack up our tents and go home? Do we go underground and continue the mission behind the scenes? Just because we’ve cut off one head of the hydra – there are still plenty more out there. Did eliminating him create more terrorists in the name of justice? Will there be a retaliatory strike against our homeland as a result of the death? What’s the plan, Barack? I’d definitely like to buy a drink for the team that pulled the trigger, but I can’t say I feel any safer now than I did before news of him going for a permanent swim.

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