Don’t stop moving… SERIOUSLY.

Saw a game deal on Steam so I figured I’d try it… Serious Sam 1 and 2 for $10…  Name sounded familiar, but I’d never tried it.  My tolerance for the FPS genre in general has waned drastically over the years… after all, how many times can you run around and shoot the same shit over and over again before it just gets boring?  I’ve only been playing for about a half hour, and this is the first game I’ve played in YEARS that has actually had me JUMP cos they’re throwing so many enemies at me.  I must have exclaimed “JESUS CHRIST” at least a dozen times as they kept throwing bigger and badder monsters my way.

The graphics aren’t anything to brag about, but the gameplay harkens to the feel of the original Quake, and many other early ID software titles where the goal of the game wasn’t to make some sort of statement, just to survive.

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