And the real lunacy begins…

Already saw a bunch of absolute retards trying to tie the Colorado shooting to a comment that Limbaugh made (jokingly) comparing the character Bane to Bain Capital…  Yeah.

Now I’m seeing backlash in the form of people trying (even Conservative pundits that I wouldn’t expect this from) to link it to the so-called ‘de-sensitivity’ to violence as a result of the violence in movies.

Give me a BREAK people.  We have had plenty of disturbingly violent cinema since the 70’s, maybe even earlier.  I said this when I was a wee teenager, and it still holds true today – the violence we see in movies and television is not the CAUSE of violence in reality, it is a REFLECTION of it.  Blaming that reflection is a copout.  Charles Manson wiped out how many people because of a song… were there calls to ban shitty music because of it?  Exactly.

The shooting was perpetrated by someone who was a complete and utter CRACK JOB.  Sure, you can call it mental illness if you want, but generally mentally ill people have the common decency to just kill THEMSELVES.  Now this ‘Joker’ (who had red hair while the movie/comic/television character had GREEN) will get to enjoy our penal system as a slew of bleeding hearts wait for the precise moment to try and get him clear of the charges based on typical bleeding heart bullshit.

Movie’s didn’t cause it, the second amendment didn’t cause it, the fact that this jackass was able to obtain a drum magazine for his AR15 didn’t cause it – he did.  If someone is neurotic enough that they plan on going out and slaughtering innocent people, it doesn’t matter whether they have a gun, knife, safety scissors, or explosives – they’re going to do it, and there isn’t a single thing we can do to stop it.

Perhaps if after the Columbine shooting, Colorado legalized conceal and carry, someone MAY have been able to take his ass out before a single innocent person was killed – but we’ll never know.  I’d rather have a legal holster and weapon on my person at all times than rely on some imaginary kinder and gentler society full of hapless Eloi just waiting for the Morlocks to come out of their underground lairs to slaughter them.

We’re fish, the world is our barrel, and the nutjobs don’t give a shit about gun laws.

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