Where’s the Tea Party? Barack Obama just got this Conservative’s vote.

So last night I tuned in to the coverage of the RNC via my Xbox again, and I have to say – the coverage provided by NBC was some of the best I had seen… as long as it was the non-prime time coverage that had no commentators there to spin the Liberal talking points and disenfranchise speakers who happened to be female (as in using coverage of the rain showers in Louisiana to pre-empt the first few minutes of Condoleeza Rice’s speech, and completely ignoring another female speaker in favor a morose discussion of inane crap by the fossilized pundits of NBC).

I’ll also say – from an objective point of view – Paul Ryan’s speech was an absolute knockout.  We’re not talking about content here – we’re talking about delivery – he had a message to deliver and he did it very well.

The big story here though is the blatant and downright disgusting disenfranchisement of the grassroots Conservative movement by the Republican establishment in charge of the RNC.  The big networks seem to be ignoring the story that even Sarah Palin (love her or hate her, she’s a valid voice of the Conservative movement) blew her stack about during an interview.  This is the thing that has always irritated me about the mainstream media – aside from their lock-step spin favoring the Left – you get a real good example of the Republican party fucking up exponentially – and instead of reporting on THAT – they stick to the talking points of Todd Akin, Hurricane Isaac, etc…

Basically what happened here is that the RNC made some rule changes which allows them to replace a state’s delegates to the convention on the fly and without contest.  There’s video footage out there today of the ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ votes which passed the rule changes with a loud YAY from some and a deafening NAY from just about everyone else.  The NAY’s came from true Conservatives, and they were blatantly ignored by the audience.

Now the people who are only complaining that this was deliberately done to keep Ron Paul from speaking aren’t seeing the big picture.  Ron Paul not being able to speak, or not getting a nomination was a side effect.  We didn’t nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki just to get a postage stamp 60 years later commemorating the attack.  Ron Paul was collateral damage.  This move had less to do with Ron Paul than it did with the establishment drawing a line in the sand and handing the real grassroots Conservatives their hat.  This move was made by people who most likely aren’t on the friends list of the Tea Party’s facebook page.  This move was made by a deep rooted political establishment that is no better in my humble opinion than the ones who helped Barack Obama get elected and further the deterioration of our constitutional republic in favor of increased government control at every level.

This rule change, and the despicable actions taken by the RNC in order to enact it are no different than the millions of us whose voices were silenced and ignored as Obama’s health care laws were passed.  There’s a war in this country, today, and it is between the people and those in our government ALIGNED WITH EITHER PARTY who are more concerned with maintaining their power and their privilege instead of preserving, protecting, and defending the American way of life.

What fries my gonads more is that apparently officials behind the Romney and Ryan campaign were complicit.  Now does this mean Romney and Ryan were directly involved in the decision?  Perhaps.  After this play though, I almost think that the ability of the Tea Party and the grassroots Conservative movement to directly affect the outcomes of enough elections to change the majority in the House of Representatives could have been calculated from the get go.  It was either that the establishment had been caught off guard by the efficiency with which they were attacked, or they were behind it from the start just to allow us to THINK we could regain control of our government.

My own decision to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket was more because they weren’t Obama than because I truly believed they were Conservative.  I decided that they would cut the rate of how quickly our nation goes to hell in a handbasket.  Right now though, I can tell you with absolute conviction that if neither Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan come out against this disgraceful action and not only overturn it but also politically eviscerate the officials involved in its creation and passing – in November of 2012 I will cast my vote, as a life long Conservative, for Barack Obama.

Obama disgusts me.  The direction he is taking this country in is horrifying.  His arrogance and elitism makes me sick.  I will vote for him.

I will vote for Barack Obama because at least if I vote for him, I know what I am getting myself in to.  I will not cast my vote to support an establishment which has corrupted the Conservative movement.  I would rather see the party go down in flames than carry on the same old establishment bullshit that allowed Bush 43 to start a deficit cascade and explosion in the size and strength of our Federal Government which just about guaranteed the ascendancy of Barack Obama to the highest office in the land, and made it even easier for him to continue the policies of Bush 43 as well as build upon them.

I will not vote for Romney/Ryan because unless they prove otherwise pretty damned quick – they aren’t Conservatives, and I will not support them in the name of the Conservative movement.  Not Romney.  Not Ryan.  NOT IN MY NAME.  Barack Obama, you’ve got my vote.

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