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Just a followup thought to my last post regarding Romney’s commentary on the 47% of Americans who he considers ‘locked in’ when it comes to voting for Obama…  Now the message of Conservatism really hasn’t changed over the years… Small government, free enterprise, capitalism, individual liberty…. all tenets of Conservatism.  Looking back at the past 12 years, we really haven’t had a chance to see Conservatism in action.  Sure, Bush had his tax cuts but he also set forth a wave of government spending that was only topped by Obama.  You’ve got 12 years of big government, big spending, 8.1% unemployment, 16 trillion dollars of debt, no real solution from the Democrats… but then you’ve got this tiny little voice in the corner talking about Conservatism… Americans uniting under a ‘tea party’ banner and undeniably changing the course of politics…  At no time in history has our nation been this close to collapse.  At no time in history have this many Americans been dependent on government handouts.  47% of our nation’s 300+ million population are receiving government entitlements.

That 47% is an absolute wildcard here.  5-10% of ‘independents’?  No, you’ve got 57% of independents.  I want to believe that the majority of us aren’t trapped in an entitlement mentality.  I want to believe that most Americans want change, but more than that they want to have the opportunity to rise above the chains of entitlement and dependency.  I want to believe that America HAS been driven to its breaking point, that something has got to give, and that in the end when given the choice to guarantee 4 more years of government benefits or taking a chance on something better than what is being GIVEN… Americans en mass will choose the latter.

If that’s the case… November may just be a landslide for Romney.  I’m not saying he’s the cure all, not even that he is the ideal candidate, but he’s a step in the right direction, and make no mistake…  there are 47% of Americans who are paying attention and if that 47% decides to ‘give work a chance’ – Obama’s fucked.

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