Re: Benghazi

Like many others, I’ve been following the developments regarding the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya and the slowly building firestorm surrounding how we let it happen, why we did nothing to stop it, and why the Administration kept pushing the idea that it was a spontaneous assault resulting from a now 7 month old video on YouTube.

I’ve heard from folks in the intelligence community, talking heads, pundits, etc… that we had assets ready to evacuate the embassy which could have been on site anywhere from 2-5 hours after the assault began… That the White House knew of the attack within minutes due to the alert being sent by ‘flash traffic’ which requires that the information rapidly ascends the chain of command straight up to POTUS…. That requests for additional security leading up to the assault had been denied… That we had a predator drone flying overhead which allowed the scene to unravel real time on monitors within the White House… as the attack escalated and sacked the embassy, as well as the “safe house” kilometers away… two Navy Seals went in against orders in a heroic, yet doomed attempt to rescue and protect our people.

It’s a nightmare, an absolute nightmare.  11 years after the largest terrorist attack on US soil, we have another coordinated attack on our embassy…  No straight answers from the administration which is still apparently waiting for the investigation to complete…  It just doesn’t make any sense to me.  Times like these are when I firmly attach my tinfoil hat and start to think of various scenarios…

Did this happen because the President was stumping on having Al Qaeda ‘on the run’ and Bin Laden sleeping with the fishes?  Did it happen this way so that the illusion Obama has been trying to construct for the duration of his campaign could endure?  I’d say that would be the most obvious, if not cynical explanation.

Did it happen because the administration was fearful of further mirroring the Carter administration with a failed rescue attempt similar to what took place in 1980 and cost the lives of 8 servicemen?  Obama has a record of voting “present” when a big decision comes up, but the President can’t vote “present” – he’s there to make the tough calls.  Where was his gutsy decision making ability on 9/11/12?

What’s the outcome here… Every day more information comes to light showing that the administration knew what was going on and had plenty of time to act… but didn’t.  Instead, brave Americans died under his watch and were left behind without support, while focus was shifted to the scapegoat on YouTube.  We shouldn’t be in the dark, yet we are – and we can’t blame it on Hurricane Sandy.

One thing I’m afraid of here folks, is that either we won’t get a clear answer on what transpired until after the election – or that Obama will complete his term, and the entire event will fade into our distant memories if/when Romney is elected to office.  Personally, I believe we as Americans deserve better.  I believe there will always be un-answered questions here, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t start answering them.

If the President had the information and the opportunity to do what was necessary to save our people if not stop the attack – and failed to act… I’d have more respect for him if he just came out and said it.  I’m not holding my breath.

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