Lethal Weapon Holds It’s Own

Always a fan of the original films, the give and take between the characters, the writing, everything… While the final installment wasn’t my favorite by any means, 1 and 2 set the standard for buddy cop action for decades to come.

When the new series was announced, I joined the collective groan.  Why isn’t there anything new?  No original ideas?  Then I watched the show.  The give and take was back, Riggs and Murtagh together again, the writing is perfect.

It’s entertainment!  I honestly don’t care what movie franchise lands on TV as long as they don’t fuck up the writing and the actors work together.  Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford nail it.

Season 2 hit the ground running last night, I’m finally catching up via Hulu, and laughing my ass off as the bullets fly.  You may groan at the idea of another reboot while watching your chosen rerun, or you can turn the TV enjoy the shit out of this.

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