Tales from the bus stop, episode 2

So I wound up working from home the past few days, normally Chivalry Guy doesn’t show up on Fridays.  I get to the lot around 5am, and see Lady Innarush who usually shows up 2 minutes before the bus arrives and gets on first pull in.  I decide to hop out of the truck and head over.  I had actually planned on getting up around 4:20 this morning to grab the 4:43 bus, but I really wanted that extra 20 minutes of not getting out of bed.

So she gets to the shelter after me, as per usual.  I’m in my own world, usually standing there with my earbuds in, eyes shut, listening to Highway on Sirius.  A few more folks arrive who all understand the concept of “Whoever gets to the stop first, gets on the bus first.”

Bus arrives, Innarush immediately takes two steps toward it but stops dead when she sees me approach the door.  Look, I don’t know you – and I don’t give a fuck that nearly every other day of the week Chivalry Guy lets you get on before him.  I was here first, I get on first.  If you’re here before me, you get on first.  I just want to get on the bus and go to sleep.

Thankfully Frau Helga Von Bratwurst wasn’t there, however I’d probably let her get on before me though, just to hold up Lady Innarush a bit longer.

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