The Blue Tent Sky

Just finished reading one Hell of a story with a capital H.  It’s something that apparently blew up on social media over the past few years that I completely missed, and only caught wind of due to my Conservative leanings and Facebook’s ability to point out things a deplorable like myself may want to read.

The cliffs notes?  Guy is in an unfortunate situation due to his ex wife, moving between a house in Colorado, an apartment in NJ, and his parents home in NJ.  His mother gets worried about something he says (thinking he might be suicidal) and calls 911.  A dirty cop takes the call.  Brian Aitken gets arrested for possessing legally purchased firearms, ammunition, and magazines.  He’s prosecuted by a dirty prosecutor.  Convicted by a dirty judge.  Ignorant, knee-jerk, gun hating politicians tried to make an example of him.  He wound up making an example of them.

Guy lost his home, his son, all because of a bullshit legal system trying to score points.  This is entirely true, and not the only story I’ve heard of law abiding citizens being victimized by the state of NJ.  It’s all fact, it’s all public record, and something that should be seriously considered any time your first reaction to any gun incident is MORE LAWS.

We’ve got the laws, most are completely inane and only serve to punish the law abiding.  Criminals don’t care, and neither do the politicians in their rapid-fire placation of voters to stay in office and gain power.

I suggest whether you’re for or against guns – read this book.  It’s $2 in Kindle format, and I finished it in about 3 hours.  It’ll either open your eyes or confirm the terrifying reality of how our government really doesn’t know what they’re doing when it comes to guns.

The author has recently received a full pardon, but be aware – you could be next even if everything you do follows the letter of the law.

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