Prescriptions shouldn’t be this idiotic…

So it’s no secret that my love of all things bad for me has resulted in a need for blood pressure medication. Not a huge deal, one pill a day keeps me from stroking out at 39.

The catch of course, is my insurance. Now I’ve had the same company through my past two employers, and neither will pay a cent towards the medication. As a result, if I rely on my insurance, it costs $300+ a month.

Enter the manufacturer of the drug, who provided a coupon for those of us in the same boat where it only costs $10 a month. That was my reality until I switched to a new plan, which required me to use their specific pharmacy, and their specific mail order.

Mind you – neither their pharmacy or mail order plan save me any money. I’d be dropping $300 to stay in the good graces of my insurer’s preference. As a result, my co pay is now $50 a month. Not earth shattering, I know, but since my insurer refuses to utter the magic words to the pharmacy, I’m another $40 out of pocket each month.

My doctor switched me from the local pharmacy to one in NJ hoping to get me a lower co-pay. Instead, it was still $50, and on top of that this new pharmacy would have rather wait until they get the aforementioned magic words before sending me the medication that keeps me from having the aforementioned stroke.

I finally say “ok, ship it to me now, I’m almost out, and we will worry about this later.” That’s all fine and dandy until month #2 comes along, and instead of shipping me anything, they’re waiting for me to call and request a shipment… They have a reminder service, that calls me in advance to get authorization, but I have to specifically request it.

Specifically request a service I didn’t know existed. Ok, whatever, so my next prescription is on its way, and then I get a call from the new pharmacy this morning. “In order to get you a lower co-pay (that we will not tell you) we have transferred your prescription to RANDOMCOMPANYNAME, so call them at this number to set things up.”

RANDOMCOMPANYNAME? Not open on Saturdays. Call their number, after a handful of rings the line goes dead. No message, no menu, etc… I’m about ready to give up and have my doctor write out the prescription to the local pharmacy, and eat the higher copay just so things stay local, predictable, and I can you know, not have a stroke.

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