14,600 Days

That’s 40 years for the millennials among us.

Another year alone, another birthday on my own for the most part. With a few exceptions, I normally spend my birthday alone. No party, no get-together, no celebrations, nothing.

I’d suppose you could say its by choice, as I don’t quite go out of my way to advertise it like some of my peers. This year I also made a point to quit Facebook 2 months prior, so fewer than 10 folks actually wished me a happy 40th as opposed to the 100+ who 364 other days of the year don’t know I exist. At least I know I crossed a few minds today.

I don’t mean to come off as negative here, as the sting as abated over the years, and besides – the vast majority of those 365 days I’m surrounded by solitude. Nothing gained, nothing lost. I’m used to being alone, almost to the point that I’m not sure I could handle NOT being alone.

This year I had lunch with my folks which was nice, made my first real cheesecake from scratch, and decided to top the day off by watching the second half of the IT remake.

I won’t lie, the movie was absolutely horrendous, despite the excellent casting. Every single jump scare had me in tears… of LAUGHTER. The near constant quips from Hader and off the cuff comments did wonders at re-establishing my disbelief.

It just wasn’t scary, it wasn’t tense, there was no thrill, nor horror. It loosely followed the book, and while it did an excellent job of not coming off like a remake of the Tim Curry classic mini-series version, it did so in all the wrong ways.

Tack on the SJW aspect woven throughout, including the very first scene involving the typical white bullies than can only exist on film… I was fearful (the only time I was fearful) that the movie was setting up for failure my propping it up in progressive nonsense.

One of the more surprising things I experienced tonight though is just how maddeningly stupid some parents and grandparents are. There were CHILDREN at this movie. If I had to guess, there were maybe a half dozen CHILDREN ranging in age from 3-10 within a few seats of me.

Right next to me was a kid no older than 5 who SCREAMED at every jump scare, that is when he wasn’t coughing his head off and half-heartedly being told to sit up by his grandfather. Who brings CHILDREN to a HORROR movie? SHAME! Those kids are gonna have some wicked nightmares, I guarantee it.

First movie related nightmare I ever had was a result of watching Mommy Dearest with my folks. I can only imagine the mental horrors that’ll be visiting these CHILDREN tonight generated by a killer clown with glowing eyes and rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth.

I know I shouldn’t judge people, Matthew 7 says as much, but I consider my conscience clear when it comes to exposing a CHILD to such things. Get a babysitter or wait for the Blu-Ray people.

On that note, time to make some dinner and continue my binge watch of Outlander on Netflix.

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