Forza 7, Where’s the fun?

Revisited Forza 7 on my Xbox One X to experience it in 4K… Almost done with it and I’ve got to say that it is my least favorite entry in the series. The controls are perfect, graphics are stunning, and physics are the best of any racing simulation I’ve played.

That being said, it’s entirely rubbish.

For me, the best part of the Forza games (not including Horizon, nothing but love for each entry in that one) is that I could take an average car, modify it, and race competitively against top of the line machines. That is pretty much gone here. Every race except for open class is locked down.

Every car can be customized, but nearly any change makes the car unqualified. Even so called “open classes” are restricted to homologation rules. No longer am I allowed to soundly trounce a Ferrari 599 with a Dodge Omni. I get it, for many the simple thrill of racing is enough. To that end, Forza delivers in buckets.

As far as the fun in “what if?” You’re simply out of luck. Now the Horizon series as I mentioned earlier has gotten consistently better each and every time. It’s racing with the same graphics, similar physics, but most of all it’s absolutely fun.

What is missing from Horizon are the tracks of standard Forza. What’s missing from Forza is the fun of Horizon. While I understand keeping the environments separated, I’m hoping that Forza 8 has a healthy dose of fun added to it… Especially considering the cost of entering that race on new hardware.

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