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Oh, Facebook memories, you never fail to disappoint.

Back in 2013, I got divorced. An odd thing happened. From December 2013, through the finalization in March of 2014 where my alimony was paid, and all of my ex’s belongings were removed… I couldn’t get drunk or even buzzed.

There I was, at a point in my life where it’s almost expected to go on a bender – and no matter what I drank, beer, wine, or bourbon – I couldn’t get drunk. Now me being me, I didn’t take this as a sign that maybe something else was up, I increased my intake.

For that near 4 month period, I can’t tell you how many bottles of wine I cleared, but I went through a minimum of 3 750ml bottles of bourbon a week. Generally on Friday and/or Saturday night, I’d have at least on of those bottles in a sitting.

“Do I seem drunk?” I’d ask a friend and get the response “no, you seem sober to me.”

I’d blow in a portable breathalyzer, the alcohol was there – but there was zero effect.

I made it a goal to see how many different varieties of bourbon I could try from the liquor store down the street. I can’t say I managed to try every variety, but even at a minimum I cleared 12 per month, not including beer and wine. Nope, nope, wasn’t an alcoholic at all.

Even today, a little voice in my head says “no, not an alcoholic, you just drank a lot.” Maybe that’s true. This day on Facebook, I actually posted in celebration that I had finally gotten a buzz. My intake slowed as I was finally able to hit that sweet spot and ride it…

6 years later? I’m at 265 days without a drink. By the grace of God and with the support of a few good friends, alcohol just is not a priority in my life anymore. Still, I remember nearly everything from that time and to this day wonder why I couldn’t feel a thing.

Maybe so I’d remember?

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