“That’s My Boy”

When I was 6 years old, my dad worked for a very big company based out of Peapack, NJ. Right now I think the massive old campus is owned by Pfizer. Anyhow, every year they had a “family day” where the company hosted events, games, rides, you name it – for all the employees and their families.

In 1985 they offered to take a quick video of your kid (me) in case they were kidnapped. Photos were useful, but videos captured voices, mannerisms, etc… Anyhow, my mom dug up the tape today and the VCR to PC tool my dad used. Maybe it’s just me but seeing my 6 year old self being a complete and utter goofball had me cracking up. Hearing my father laugh as I goofed off was audible joy.

I had to crank the volume at some points to hear what my folks were saying, my mom said “one day your kids are going to see this” to which I respond “are you crazy?” But then I hear my dad say while laughing “that’s my boy!”

I love you Dad.

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