Dream Du Jour

So I woke up around 4am, wide awake but too early to get up and head out to work. I rolled over, messed with my phone for a bit, tossed and turned and eventually faded off to sleep.

I had a few dreams but the one I had right before my alarm went off stuck with me. I’m riding my motorcycle through the country, North Georgia of course. In the distance I see what looks like a sunrise but it’s actually a massive white mansion in the sky.

All around it are the colors of dawn, red, blue, purple abound amongst the white fluffy clouds and the reflections of sunlight. Being this is a dream in 2023 I stop my bike and break out my phone to take a photograph of the sight. What I see on the phone screen isn’t a mansion though.

The colors are still there but the clouds have become wings, it’s transformed into a gigantic white bird that is soaring towards me. I look away from the phone and it’s still the mansion in the sky above the mountains. In the phone screen the bird continues to approach.

Right before my alarm went off, the face on the bird began to turn gray and human, and it was starting to shout something at me.

Full disclosure the only thing I drank before bed was Bubly Seltzer. How about that???

So I get to work and one of my coworkers greets me, asks me how I’m doing. Still a little groggy I reply “I’ll let you know when I wake up!” I then share about waking up at 4am and messing with my phone. I didn’t include the dream (I only share that with strangers on the Internet!).

She says “what you should have done is pick up your Bible! God was trying to talk to you!”. That never even crossed my mind, but rest assured (no pun intended) the next time I randomly wake up overnight I’ll grab my Bible and see what the good Lord has for me.

God bless!

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