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See, the thing is…

Folks used to call GW an idiot because of his speaking ability and the popular trend of labeling anyone identified as a Republican – as an idiot.  I wouldn’t go as far as calling him an idiot, I absolutely disagreed … Continue reading

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Arizona isn’t racist, they’re just playing the hand they were dealt.

Caught Ralphie May’s latest routine on Netflix last night, really funny stuff however he went off about Arizona and how their actions are racist because they aren’t stopping white people on suspicion of being illegal aliens from Canada…  Hello?  We’re … Continue reading

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Tales of Pepi Miststück, the neighbor from Hell.

(This is based on a true story, names and genders may have been changed) Growing up in the suburban town of Warwick, NY – I was blessed with an environment conducive to a happy life.  However, every rose has a … Continue reading

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