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Folks used to call GW an idiot because of his speaking ability and the popular trend of labeling anyone identified as a Republican – as an idiot.  I wouldn’t go as far as calling him an idiot, I absolutely disagreed with this rampant spending (rinse and repeat of the Reagan years – huge tax cut leads to massive influx of revenue to the federal government, federal government spends said money as fast as it comes in), as well as his decision to buck the free-market by implementing TARP (which contributed to the eventual housing collapse).  I  agreed with the reasons for going in to Afghanistan and Iraq as well.  Heck, I voted for him twice.

Obama won for 2 main reasons – an effective campaign of hype that could have made OS/2 Warp outsell Microsoft Windows, and Bush fatigue.  8 years of war, terrorism, and the media constantly attacking his administration at every turn (while completely ignoring the facets of GW’s administration that were actually worthy of criticism) pretty much made it a guarantee that any successor was going to have to provide a tangible alternative.

Instead what we got was a man with no real speaking ability, executive experience, or decision making skills with a past that was covered up by the media that was meant to inform us of, and protect us from such things.  There hasn’t been a single net job increase for the duration of the Obama administration.  Our deficit (when compared to both GW and Clinton) has exploded in the past 3 years.  Inflation is out of control, prices are through the roof, the US of A used to set the bar – now we barely cling to it.

Obama is no more a true Liberal than GW was a true Conservative.  When it comes to their party affiliations – they’re both frauds.

I believe that the November 2012 election will most likely resemble the 2008 election and not the 1980 election.  People are tired of Obama, there’s been no hope since he was inaugurated – and the change he promised hasn’t done a single thing to help our nation.  Americans of every age group and background who proudly voted for him in 2008 either aren’t going to vote for him again, or they simply are not going to show up at the polls.  Bush was no idiot, and with exception to his spending, the Patriot Act, and that God awful TARP program, he delivered.

Obama hasn’t delivered a thing.  No new jobs.  Unconstitutional legislation.  Massive spending.  There hasn’t been a more idiotic president in the oval office in my lifetime… an idealist without the conviction to stand behind his ideals.  A chief executive without the conviction to make decisions.  His big campaign slogan was ‘Yes We Can’ but he never actually decided what he was talking about.  He’s a puppet with no strings.  All he’s done is further the policies of the previous administration and leave key decisions in the hands of a Congress that is the most laughable group of intellectually bankrupt crooks our nation has ever seen.

I’m still on the fence about Romney.  I believe that he can easily win the election and possibly get our economy on the right track… but the America of 2012 is going to need some real convincing that transcends any spin concocted by the media and their cabal of talking heads.  The America of 2012 is going to need to regain the ability to restore hope for tomorrow itself, and its faith in our leaders restored by action – not hype.  Romney can win, but America won’t even begin to heal until we get real cut and dry ideas out in the open and someone at the top to make the tough decisions regardless of what any opinion poll says.

Romney may or may not be the one for the job, but 4 more years of Obama will be no better than Carter – or even GW.  We need change, we need hope, we need direction, and most importantly of all – we need a destination.  Where do we go from here?

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