Arizona isn’t racist, they’re just playing the hand they were dealt.

Caught Ralphie May’s latest routine on Netflix last night, really funny stuff however he went off about Arizona and how their actions are racist because they aren’t stopping white people on suspicion of being illegal aliens from Canada…  Hello?  We’re not talking about North Dakota here, and if the federally backed ‘border patrol’ could do its job – Arizona wouldn’t have to go to such measures to protect itself.

The government for way too long has maintained a ‘look, but don’t touch’ policy when it comes to the border patrol dealing with the borders.  Observe them, arrest illegals only if you absolutely have to, but there’s almost a ‘wink and a nod’ attitude when it comes to dealing with it since such a significant portion of our economy depends on low-cost immigrant labor.  Now I’m all for securing the borders and making it more difficult for illegals to gain entry – but just the same – we need to pay attention.

We should make it easier for the folks who want to work to come here and work, citizen or not.  We should make it easier for the folks who want to be legal – to get legal.  We should have a policy that says ‘come on in, but do it our way’ and make ‘our way’ much more attractive than risking life and limb to get here.  That whole ‘voluntarily leave and then sign up to get back in the right way’ is a copout.  With the level of technology we have, all we need to do is get a name, a photo, a finger print, put it in a database, then when they want to come in for work – scan their prints and tell them ‘buenos dias.’

Sure they steal jobs – if you want to make less than minimum wage in conditions that’d make you puke – go steal one back.  Sure they use our health care system, the hospitals are required to treat anyone that walks in the door whether or not they can pay.  ‘But they don’t pay taxes!’  Neither do a lot of the folks who ARE citizens and rely on the ‘triage’ level of support from walking in to a hospital.

It’s all a wash, I don’t know a single cracker capable of working as hard, as long, and for as little pay as an illegal.  Putting them ‘in the system’ opens the door to making them as fat, lazy, and jaded as the rest of us.  Our work ethic was traded for lower prices, the simple truth is that if you employ an American to produce a product, the price of that product will rise.  As Ralphie said – nobody’s going to pay $3.50 for a burger and $10 for the pickle.

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