Ah, Biology…

Ok, I’m flipping through Yahoo’s “Oddly Enough” section, and read something that really popped my pimple. Apparently, 9 statues of Joseph (Jesus’s step-dad), were stolen from nativity scenes in western Belgium. Now, that is not what irked me. Notes left in the cribs called for “self-determination (for women), to artificial insemination, to voluntary single motherhood and to … immaculate conception…” All I can say is, huh? Voluntary single motherhood? So they’re basically trying to say they don’t need men to raise a child, so why should they need a man to concieve a child. I’m sorry, but biology works that special way for a reason. Children benefit from both a mother and a father, any individual who knowingly deprives their child from the other parent (with exception to abusive situations) is in my mind committing an act of cruelty! As for immaculate conception, the last individual to be born by that was Jesus Christ, and so far every individual since who has claimed to be the next coming of Christ was either murdered or killed a bunch of innocent people. I don’t think he’ll be around any time soon, every time he supposedly pops up we kill the guy. Ah, religion, one way or another I end up talking about it, no matter how much I try not to. Later folks.

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