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the ick diaries

I haven’t been sick in about 2 years now. The last time I got sick? Covid. I caught really bad colds in December of ’21 and January of ’22 then got to win the ultimate prize in Feb of ’22 … Continue reading

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Social Media Detox – Day 2

Last night I uninstalled Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok from my phone. The one thing I noticed right away is that in lieu of the endless scrolling on my phone I’m focusing on other tasks that need to be completed. I … Continue reading

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Social Media = Less Social

I came to a realization the other day, and shortly after that decided to deactivate both my Facebook and Instagram. The problem sad to say it is my apparent addiction to social media. The realization hit as I spent about … Continue reading

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Snub and snub alike!

I like to think I’m an observant person. When I started working in NYC several years ago, I recognized a specific behavior from the opposite sex. At first I felt a little offended. Then I realized it was a normal … Continue reading

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I Hate Wasps.

Hate is a strong word that I generally do not care to use. While I fully understand that every creature on God’s green Earth has a purpose, I will never understand wasps. Here in GA I’ve come to accept these … Continue reading

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Decaffeination 2023

On a given day, I will have 2-3 large coffees plus at least one Monster Zero energy drink. On days I work from home, I’ll have two cups from my coffee machine and a Monster around 3-4pm. When I’m at … Continue reading

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…two weeks later!

All my life, for as long as I can remember, with exception to my baptism as an infant (which I actually remember), I have looked backwards. I have always sought the past, reminisced on the good times, wished I could … Continue reading

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Day 2

Second day as a resident of Gainesville, GA. Movers came and went yesterday, so now I need to unpack and re-organize all my stuff. Should have my Internet sorted today so I can stop having to rely on my cellphone’s … Continue reading

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Normally when a number dials my cellphone and I don’t recognize it, I’ll decline and send it off to voicemail. If it’s valid, I get a message, if it’s not (more likely the case) then it’s done. If the numbers … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Internets

6 Months ago, before Covid, I visited my ISP’s website and saw that they were offering 400Mbps of bandwidth for $50 a month for life. Great deal! At that point I’d been paying over $100/m for 200Mbps of bandwidth. I … Continue reading

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