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First road trip on the bike…

Last Tuesday night I decided to catch up with the rest of my family down at OBX.  The catch was, OBX is around 600 miles from here, and generally takes 10-12 hours to reach.  Since I’ve been riding for a … Continue reading

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Zen, and the art of the close call…

Heading home from work today, I’m coming into Florida doing about 40mph, a couple carlengths off the Mitsubishi in front of me…  Up ahead, a UPS truck is waiting to hang a left out of a parking lot, and a … Continue reading

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Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Interesting week with the bike.  Last Thursday morning I was getting ready to ride into work, I go to start the bike like I normally do… half choke, neutral, hit the starter… doesn’t start.  Try again, it sputters to life … Continue reading

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