Close Call – Part II

I believe what happened yesterday was meant to happen. On the way there, and later headed out in the wrecker, I passed curves with drop-offs of hundreds of feet down. The driver explained how many of those curves have cars down at the bottom which will never be recovered I overestimated my skills and underestimated the risk.

I found the accident site this morning on Google Maps.

That curve is mild. Earlier in the day I’d gone through harpins, or along roads with sheer drops at the side that legitimately engaged my fear of heights. The speed limit is 45mph there. I wasn’t going over 40, I think thats how fast I was doing when I hit the shoulder and lost control. I measured the distance via Google Maps – both I and my bike slid 100 feet.

101 feet? I’m down a steep hill into a ravine. No cell service. Nobody would have seen me.

God needed to humble me, to teach me a lesson, and He picked the best possible location for it to happen. Soft grass. Gentle curve. Every single detail written down in advance for maximum education and discipline. Am I upset about the accident? Yes. Am I upset about smashing up my brand new bike? Of course. More than upset though, I am grateful.

Got off the phone with my insurance about an hour ago, gave all the details, went through 20 questions… Should have a verdict on the repair before the end of the week hopefully. Moving forward, I will be staying out of those mountains on my bike, unless I am with others. I’m also dumping Verizon, the signal down here is absolutely awful.

In other news, it looks like the sale of my house in Goshen will close on Thursday. I’m going to continue taking easy. My shoulder is a little better and I’m pretty sure the bruise under my foot is from the peg being driven up into it. My right thumb is also a little tender. All things considered, I am grateful to be alive, and thank God I am still here to talk about this.

God bless.

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