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I Hate Wasps.

Hate is a strong word that I generally do not care to use. While I fully understand that every creature on God’s green Earth has a purpose, I will never understand wasps. Here in GA I’ve come to accept these … Continue reading

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Last week I picked up a new bike, same model I had previously. Got back on the horse so to speak. My shoulder is much better than it was, a little stiff if anything. All in all I’d say I’m … Continue reading

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Close Call – Part III

As I went thorough in my previous posts – I had a motorcycle accident this week that I managed to walk away from. The insurance adjuster checked out my bike today and sadly had to total it out. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Close Call – Part II

I believe what happened yesterday was meant to happen. On the way there, and later headed out in the wrecker, I passed curves with drop-offs of hundreds of feet down. The driver explained how many of those curves have cars down … Continue reading

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Close Call.

So last week I traded in my old Kawasaki Vulcan for a new Indian FTR. Fantastic bike, handles and rides like a dream. Plenty of power (still getting used to that). Today I had no work, so I decided to … Continue reading

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Now I don’t want to go off on a rant here…

So I won’t. There are a handful of local Facebook groups for the town I reside in. Over the past couple months, a resident has repeatedly complained about activities on their road which they think are dangerous. The posts are … Continue reading

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It’s not selling because you’re charging too much… no pun intended.

GM Said to Halt Chevrolet Volt Production for Four Weeks If you ever wanted a metaphor of what is wrong with the current state of our country – it’s the Chevy Volt. Originally, it was touted as a car whose … Continue reading

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First road trip on the bike…

Last Tuesday night I decided to catch up with the rest of my family down at OBX.  The catch was, OBX is around 600 miles from here, and generally takes 10-12 hours to reach.  Since I’ve been riding for a … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of IID Maintenance

Just the other day I had an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) removed from my car. Now drunk driving *IS* a big problem.  More people do it with or without thinking than you could even imagine.  If there was a breathalyzer … Continue reading

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GPS for Android

I’m a big fan of GPS, even when I know where to go, I like to keep an eye on the statistics of my current trip.  My first experience was with a Garmin Nuvi, which still works fine – but … Continue reading

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