Now I don’t want to go off on a rant here…

So I won’t.

There are a handful of local Facebook groups for the town I reside in. Over the past couple months, a resident has repeatedly complained about activities on their road which they think are dangerous. The posts are usually multiple paragraphs long, lecturing and chiding in nature, and generally do not lead to an actual solution to the problem before they delete it.

The first one I caught was some cellphone footage of two quads riding down the road. Now legality of individuals riding an off-road vehicle on a public street aside, myself and others pointed out that they appeared to be doing the speed limit or less, and not being reckless. This resulted in numerous vitriolic responses, straw men, and general nonsense.

The one tonight, apparently a driver sped past their car as they were pulling into their driveway. Again – the long, lecturing post ensued. Now while I may have broken out a little constructive sarcasm while suggesting they get a dash camera… I got another long, lecturing, and chiding response. Another individual referred to me as a “psychopath” for mocking.


Here’s the thing. I’ve lived in Warwick my entire life. I’ve dealt with folks actually speeding on off-road vehicles, as well as in cars. That’s one of many reasons I made a small investment in dash cams in my vehicles. Once, it caught someone driving over my fence. Physical evidence was provided to local PD, and they acted on it. They did not do “nothing.”

Another time, I witnessed a driver hit a dog, injuring it, and then they fled. Again, I provided physical evidence to the local PD, and again – they acted on it. I can understand the frustration of dealing with motorists and the like endangering myself, my property, and others by driving recklessly. One time I provided just plate numbers, nothing could be done.

It was “my word against theirs.” That’s something the OP stated a neighbor dealt with.

One really cannot argue with physical evidence though. Video. The prices on both dashboard cameras and home security cameras that can take footage that is both high quality and damning – have come down to the point that nearly anyone can hook one up. If the problem is so bad that one demands increased police presence – a small investment seems reasonable.

“I shouldn’t have to install a dash cam.” Well… then by all means, continue to post non-constructive rants on a problem that one is obviously passionate about and troubled by. Just do not expect anything to change. The likelihood that in a town of over 32,000 residents that the individual one is aiming their lecture at will both read it AND alter their behavior is nil.

Hand over some footage however, date, time, and GPS stamped – one might actually effect real change. There’s no good excuse to not do the right thing, unless the goal is simply a sputtering rant to virtue signal and prop up ones ego. If the latter is the goal, then by all means continue, but don’t be surprised when rational thought conflicts with one’s desire for attention.

Lastly… Labelling one a “psychopath” for pointing out that the problem could be addressed and possibly resolved by taking simple actions and investing in easily available and inexpensive technology… wow folks. Just, wow. In conclusion, if something gets one so bent out of shape that they lash out even at people attempting to help…

psy·cho·path: noun

  1. a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.
  2. an unstable and aggressive person.

Glass houses, stones, you get it. Happy New Year. 😉

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