Close Call – Part III

As I went thorough in my previous posts – I had a motorcycle accident this week that I managed to walk away from. The insurance adjuster checked out my bike today and sadly had to total it out. I’ve never had to total a vehicle before. I’ve had other close calls (in cars) but never on a bike. That said, the story’s not over yet.

My policy has a full replacement clause, so technically (minus deductible) within the next couple of weeks I will have another Indian FTR in my garage. There’s a local dealership which has the same exact bike in stock. Mind you – I’m in absolutely no rush to hop back on two wheels just yet. My shoulder is still stiff, but has been getting better every day.

I’m also not sure if I’m ready mentally to do it. I still see flashes in my head of what happened. The front brake locking and sliding, the green blur as I hit the grass and the bike went down, the sounds and sensations of sliding/rolling to a stop a 100 feet past where I started. Heck, I haven’t even gotten back in my car yet, injury aside. I’ll take my time, this time.

Hopefully avoid a next time.

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