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Screams and Sobs

Sitting in church today, the pastor in discussing Romans 8 brought up the groanings and utterances of the Holy Spirit on our behalf when we simply don’t know what to pray. It reminded me of those times in my life … Continue reading

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Save your money, and learn instead.

Gabe Newell: I learned more in three months at Microsoft than entire time at Harvard Back in 1997 I experienced the culmination of all the educational, peer and parental pressure of the traditional mantra about a need to go to … Continue reading

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Android VS iOS… Round 1

Recently I decided to pick up a new Android tablet as I’d been using it on my phone for some time, and while I absolutely adore my iPad 2, I wanted to see how far Android had come as far … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Tech Support

I have a bad habit.  If I’m out and about, and pick up a wireless network on my phone, I try to poke around.  It’s amazing how many people set up a wireless network and just forget about it, or … Continue reading

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Hacking the Checkpoint UTM-1 Firewall for Performance

Checkpoint is a company that creates firewalls for computer networks.  Many years ago I decided to phase out our antiquated Cisco PIX firewalls and implement something more robust which could provide more services than just basic firewalling.  For the longest … Continue reading

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GPS for Android

I’m a big fan of GPS, even when I know where to go, I like to keep an eye on the statistics of my current trip.  My first experience was with a Garmin Nuvi, which still works fine – but … Continue reading

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Zen and the art of laptop cooling…

For about the past 2 years I’ve done a majority of my home computing on laptops.  Initially I used an Acer netbook which my wife still uses – but my need for gaming in a house where I couldn’t really … Continue reading

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NVIDIA 360M & The BSOD from HELL.

My laptop (ASUS G51x) is my baby, I use it mainly for work and gaming (emphasis on the latter) – since I use the STEAM service to purchase most of my games, occasionally they’ll bark at me if a driver … Continue reading

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Dell Tech Support Chat

I cannot express how FRUSTRATING some online chat support is.  Normally I will give it a shot as my first round of getting help on an issue, some companies have a very good setup – like Checkpoint – where you … Continue reading

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