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I cannot express how FRUSTRATING some online chat support is.  Normally I will give it a shot as my first round of getting help on an issue, some companies have a very good setup – like Checkpoint – where you contact them, and if the problem is too complex for a chat session, they’ll open a ticket for you.  Others, in this case Dell – simply vanish into the ether and end the session after waiting 20+ minutes for a response.

10:01:26 AM        System      System
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
10:01:27 AM        System      System
Connected with AES Amanda Schreiber
10:01:31 AM        Agent      AES Amanda Schreiber
Hello, thank you for contacting Dell’s Enterprise Chat Support. My name is AES Amanda Schreiber. Once the chat session is completed, a transcript will be sent to

Please give me 2 to 3 minutes to access your system details and contact information.
10:01:39 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
10:02:36 AM        Agent      AES Amanda Schreiber
Thank you for your patience while we verified your information. Before we get started, can you please provide the following information:

1. What is the specific Operating System and version (Windows 2003, RedHat 4 , etc), and is it the 32 bit or 64 bit version?
2. What is the problem?
3. What specific steps have you taken to try and resolve it?
4. For troubleshooting purposes, are you in front of the server or remote into it?
5. What is the role of this server, is part of a SAN or Cluster?

Please answer those questions as detailed as possible, in order to help us resolve your issue in the most efficient manner possible.
10:02:50 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
operating system is fedora core 11 32-bit (not an OS issue btw)
10:03:23 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
problem is that when accessing the RAC console via the web portal, the keyboard stops working. rac/bios are at the current release version
10:03:32 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
accessing it from a windows 7 64-bit system running the latest version of java
10:03:48 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
happens regardless of browser version (firefox 4, ie9)
10:04:28 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
keyboard works fine if its booted into the OS, but after a certain number of keystrokes, no more entry is accepted, the screen is still live (for instance if i’m in the BIOS, i can see the clock still counting) but there is no response to the keyboard anymore
10:05:22 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
as far as troubleshooting, i’ve tried a few different java settings, as well as compatibility mode in the browser
10:06:22 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
server is a standalone box that i only access remotely
10:11:47 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
hello? 🙂
10:17:32 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
are you still there?
10:23:12 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
can you please confirm that you got this?
10:30:05 AM        Customer      SJ Stanaitis
you haven’t responded in over 20 minutes, please respond.
10:35:09 AM        System      System
AES Amanda Schreiber has left this session!
10:35:09 AM        System      System
The session has ended!


I fired off an email to my account rep, and left a comment on the Dell site.  Right now I’m connected to another rep “AES Justin Ballard” who is actively responding and trying to help.  Definitely relieves some of my frustration, but still…

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