Scratched video game fix?!

If you’ve got kids, and video games, you’ve got scratched discs.  Round 1, the discs lost.  They didn’t put the games back, they got too scratched, and no more video games.  After several months of intense training using backup copies of their favorite movies, I picked them up a couple new (used) games.  I also picked up a bottle of GameStop’s “Disk Skip Fixer.”  The stuff is basically a simple polish, designed to buff out small scratches that could affect game play.  The problem is that the older games had more severe scratches – nothing that actually reached down to the metallic media layer, but they were enough make the disc unplayable.


Then I had a thought, not an original one I’m sure, but I broke out my Oral B cross-action electric toothbrush, some Crest Pro Health, and proceeded to polish the entire disc – which removed a vast majority of the scratches, if not lessening them.  Then I took the GameStop polish, and polished the disc by hand, reducing the haze to a mildly scuffed mirror finish.  From the sounds of Lego Batman tearing through the streets of Gotham in the next room over, I’d say it was a success.  Now I just need to find the other games which are scattered throughout the house and see if I can make those playable again too! 🙂

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