EGO 900mAh

Decided to upgrade from my 280mAh to a 900mAh EGO style vaporizer today.  Visited my normal e-cigg haunt, PAC Computers in West Milford, NJ.  For the grand total of $40 I got two 900mAh batteries, wall charger, USB charging cable, 2 mega atomizers and 5 pre-filled 24mg tobacco cartridges.  The manufacturer for the vaporizer is Brother, and it is compatible with standard 510 atomizers and cartomizers, and I’m estimating since I get about 4 hours out of a charge on the 280 510’s from Brother, I may get at least a day out of the 900’s.  Completely assembled, the vaporizer is about the size of a Philly cigar, and has an attractive brushed-stainless steel finish.

The default juice that comes with isn’t as offensive as what came with my previous 510 purchase.  I still can’t identify the source of the ‘tangy’ flavor but a lot of the Chinese based smoke juices have it.  I’m currently vaping through one of the cartridges that came with so I can try 2 new smoke juices I also picked up, Hovana and Kool, both in a 24mg nicotine content.  It’s higher than my usual 18mg, but I can’t beat the cost – $3.50 a bottle vs $10 for the equivalent sized bottle from Johnson Creek.

I’ve grown a little tired of the Classic Tobacco I picked up recently from JC, I figure when I order more I may instead order 2-3 smaller sized bottles of different flavors, perhaps Chocolate Mint, French Vanilla, and Tennessee Cured.  Either way I’ve got a good selection to burn through that should hold me for at least another month or two.  Factoring in what I’ve spent over the past 2 months on my addiction/hobby/obsession, I’ve saved about $300+ over traditional smokes, my breath doesn’t stink, I don’t stink, and I’m also not running out of breath like I did when smoking normally.

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