NVIDIA 360M & The BSOD from HELL.

My laptop (ASUS G51x) is my baby, I use it mainly for work and gaming (emphasis on the latter) – since I use the STEAM service to purchase most of my games, occasionally they’ll bark at me if a driver is too old.  Such was the case with Batman – Arkham Asylum GOTY edition.  No big deal, right?  I fire up the browser, visit Nvidia.com, and grab the latest driver for my 360M.  Problem was, any time I would use a driver newer than what came with my laptop (1.6x) – I would get random BSOD’s while watching Netflix, Hulu, or playing a game.  I spent weeks online looking up the cause, be it DirectX, or the driver itself.  As it turns out – it wasn’t the video driver at all, but the audio driver that ships with the new Nvidia driver.  I left the audio driver at the earlier release, updated everything else, and so far no problems.  I know this post isn’t very descriptive but with all of the posts online in regard to this very common problem, nobody seemed to be using trial and error to find the exact culprit.

So, if you’re running Nvidia hardware, and after a driver update you’re getting BSOD’s – restore the earlier audio driver. 🙂

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