Verizon does right by me…

For the past 2 years I’ve lived in a cellular dead zone, so I needed to pick up a Verizon Network Extender to get service.  Essentially it’s a small cell tower that routes all my calls over my Internet connection.  It has worked well until the past few weeks where I started to get static and then I lost the GPS link, and finally it could no longer connect.  I put in a call to Verizon, explained the issues, they had me run a few checks and without hesitation – are shipping me out their brand new 3G Network Extender.  I know a lot of people who complain about Verizon – and even I have had issues in the past related to crappy phones, but overall – there’s a reason I’ve stuck with them for over 10 years now – and the service I consistently get from them is it.

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