Ikenvape RY4

Just took delivery on a 20ml bottle of VG based RY4 from Ikenvape.  This is my first pure VG based liquid – not sure if its because it was sitting outside in the mailbox all weekend but it was a little syrupy.  It still soaked into the wicking material just fine though.  As far as flavor, I’d say its very similar to the Johnson Creek “Classic Tobacco” flavor, but not quite as sweet / nutty.  After a while the JC CT flavor got a little overbearing (main reason I’m going to buy the 15ml bottles instead of the 30ml bottles from them now on – some variety).  The fluid produces a great amount of vapor – good throat hit, and IMHO is more satisfying than the JC CT.

Apparently RY4 was a very popular flavor produced by “Dekang” – but for some reason they stopped producing it.  Many companies attempted to reproduce the flavor with mixed results – but various online reviews say the Ikenvape RY4 is the best of the bunch.  At $8.99 for a 20ml bottle, plus shipping – I’d say it was a pretty good deal.  I’ll definitely be ordering more.

Other recent flavors that I’ve tried…

*—- Vapelite.com – MLB (Chinese blend) – great vapor, but the taste is almost tangy.  I’d say it tastes a lot like smoking urine.

****- Vapelite.com – Coffee (Chinese blend) – great vapor, good flavor, subtle hints of coffee.  Not as strong as JC Espresso, but at $3.50 for a 10ml bottle, I’ll deal.

**— Vapelite.com – Cappucino (Chinese blend) – great vapor, sweeter than Coffee, less coffee flavor than the standard “Coffee” which I prefer.

*—- Vapelite.com – Dekang Hovana – initial hit tastes like a sweet cigar, nutty/toasted marshmallow even… not much more to it, not my preference.  After the initial flavor it kind of ‘fell flat.’  Didn’t like it.

****- Vapelite.com – Dekang Kool – Not menthol but peppermint.  Tastes exactly like a Decade cigarette.  Very strong flavor, almost overbearing but it tastes good, helped me through a cold as well. 🙂

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