A few more JC flavors in the kit…

Got another shipment from Johnson Creek yesterday, Mint Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Spiced Apple Cider.


I was very fond of the mint-chocolate when I received it in my trial pack, broke my heart when I spilled most of it.  If you’ve ever had a Camel Dark Mint – this flavor is a dead on match to it, a very well balanced combination of mint and chocolate flavors.  French Vanilla (or Vivid Vanilla if you’re a Blu vaper) – is also one of my favorites, just the right amount of sweet vanilla flavor.  Lastly – I’m not a big fan of fruity flavors when it comes to vaping.  I am a fan of the Black Cherry flavor, but others like Strawberry and Peach were way too overpowering.  I’m still on the fence with this one though.  Definitely tastes just like spiced apple cider, but my brain tastes it and thinks ‘wait, I want to DRINK some now.’  All have the typical throat hit you get from JC smoke juice, the quality is second to none.  The shipment came with 3 15ml bottles, 3 medicine droppers (which I always immediately screw into the bottle, discarding the existing caps) and 3 small ‘travel’ dropper bottles if you don’t want to carry around the original bottles.


Going to run out to the hardware store today to see if I can pick up some more of this blue foam I’m using for wicking material, seems to work better than the standard wool.


Speaking of my kit… here’s a pic of what I carry around on a daily basis to satisfy my need for VAPOR!!! 🙂



What I’ve got is an old Husky socket set bag, which currently has 7 different types of smoke juice, extra atomizers, extra cartomizers, extra battery, charger, and wicking material.  Normally if I’m out and about I will carry the charger, extra battery, and 2 prepped catridge/atomizer combos with some extra smoke juice in one or two of the small white travel bottles.  Generally I spend about $20 per month on smoke juice/materials.  Compared to the $200+ I used to spend on traditional tobacco cigarettes, I’m making out like a bandit and still getting what I need. 🙂

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