Decaffeination 2023

On a given day, I will have 2-3 large coffees plus at least one Monster Zero energy drink. On days I work from home, I’ll have two cups from my coffee machine and a Monster around 3-4pm. When I’m at work, I usually have a Monster while I’m driving in, then at least two large coffees from the coffee shop in the corporate park where I work.

On average, each day I consume about 600mg of caffeine.

The other day? I just stopped. To my surprise, I haven’t collapsed into a coma.

Day 1 – Up at 7:30am. Pretty normal up until mid-day, that’s when the headache began and the brain fog kicked in. I was asleep by 9pm.

Day 2 – Up at 5:30am. The brain fog was *HEAVY* and I felt completely lethargic. I’d have to take a short walk every hour just to clear the cobwebs. The headache was still there but ibuprofen helped. Asleep by 9pm.

Day 3 – Up at 7:30am. The fog was gone, the lethargy was gone, a slight headache remained but I actually felt peppy. Quite a bit of difficulty getting to sleep though, I think I turned in around 11pm.

Day 4 – Today. Up at 5:30am. I feel normal. Slight headache remains but my energy levels feel like before I eliminated the caffeine. Decaf isn’t bad, especially since they brew it fresh for me right there. I’ve mainly drank tea at this point. My focus is good, no fog yet, we’ll see how it goes.

Not sure how long I’ll try this, I’ll give it a week or two before I return to form, but I think I’ll be consuming MUCH less caffeine at that point. The first two days were awful, and I’ve no desire to go through that withdrawal again.

God bless!

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