Day 2

Second day as a resident of Gainesville, GA. Movers came and went yesterday, so now I need to unpack and re-organize all my stuff. Should have my Internet sorted today so I can stop having to rely on my cellphone’s hotspot. Trash collection is apparently still being paid for by either a previous tenant or the actual owner of the property, waiting to hear back from the management folks on that. Also waiting to hear back on when my mailbox will be repaired.

Between when I first checked this place out a few weeks ago, and when I moved in, someone/something knocked the mailbox out of the ground. Right now I’ve got it jury-rigged. I’m half tempted just to make another run to home depot and buy another as well as the numbers, IDK. I’ll see if I can get an idea of when it’ll get sorted. I also have a massive stack of mail for previous tenants that was in the box when I arrived.

So far everyone I’ve met has been pretty friendly, especially the ones who discover I’m a new transplant. Heck, last night I almost missed a turn and the pickup behind me flicked the lights to let me over… Once I slap some GA plates on the Honda, I’ll no longer be an easily identifiable clueless New Yorker in the south, I’ll be incognito and hiding my cluelessness behind a license plate with a peach on it. Speaking of plates, I only need one down here, and I also don’t need a massive inspection/registration sticker in the windshield. I’ll be able to admire my front fender now. 🙂

I’ve been to the supermarket a few times, Kroger, it’s huge, and while I recall the prices in NY being pretty inflated, the ones down here are quite reasonable. I had to resist the urge to pick up the 17lb brisket I found for $60. In NY that’d likely have cost me $170. Coffee selection is pretty good too, several different roasts of my favorite brand (Peets) and again the prices are lower than NY.

Ordered a washer and dryer for the place yesterday as it had none and after 11 years of having my own, there’s no way I want to switch back to using a laundromat. Nothing against them, but there’s something about doing my laundry in my pajamas without a bunch of strangers gawking at this prime example of the male form (if that form was an O at least). I need to run out today, get some more supplies as well as a microwave… May make another run over to Kennesaw for some Pinball as well. I spent an hour last night between Godzilla and Legacy of The Beast and it was fantastic.

Anyhoo, enough blogging for now… Time to ~groan~ get some stuff done. God bless!

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