5 Days

This is the rough part of the day for me. I’m tired, but I won’t sleep. Folks keep asking if I’m excited, or I’m nervous about the move. I think right now I’m on autopilot. I can’t really quantify exactly how I feel because like white light is a combination of all colors… What I’m feeling is blinding.

I’ve played it safe my entire life. I’ve rarely taken real risks. Everything I do is over thought, over calculated, with an almost guaranteed end result. The few times I’ve taken risks it’s literally blown up in my face. This move is the biggest step I’ve taken in my life to date.

I’ve done the math. Calculated the steps. Leapt. Hesitated. I look back over the past decade from the first moment I knew my future was not where I am. Here I am, the next chapter getting ever closer with every tick offl the clock… It is all process now. Cross the t’s and dot the i’s, do the work…

…And walk into my new home.

I took care of getting the utilities ready today. Tomorrow I’ll make some calls and get the Internet setup, as well as trash removal. Over the past month I have torn through my current home and discarded decades of accumulated stuff. As a result, I’ve got even less going with me to Georgia than I brought here.

Friends and family have wished me well, I’ve had a few small going away events, and 5 days from now is the next step. I’m hoping once I settle, I will sleep. Upside, I’m taking two weeks off around the move so I can relax, explore, and find my footing again. God has been with me through this, I am running on faith.

So all I’ll say is I had to take a lot of chances to get here. I had to grow. I had to let go. I had to lose to find the fire within me to win. If there’s one piece of advice I can give anyone today, it is to take chances. Face your fears. God didn’t want me to stand still, and every piece of this puzzle has had a lesson for me on it.

Take chances. Live. Life’s too short, don’t waste it. God bless.

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