I can’t stand those damn teletubbies. In fact, I hate them so much that every time I see them in a toystore what I do is take the green one with the long thing on its head, and the red one with the circle, join them by the head YOU KNOW HOW, and leave them there for mom to explain to junior why the teletubbies are like that. So Reverend Jerry Fartwell (as Larry Flynt so elegantly put it) has gone as far to speak out against the Teletubbies. Why you might ask? The purple teletubby…Apparently the fact that it is purple, has a triangle on its head, carries a purse, and has a male voice, has induced Fartwell to summize that it is a flaming homotubby. I really can’t figure out why he is flipping out over a damn cartoon. Does he honestly believe that seeing a teletubby will induce some 8 year old to
crave fudge?! I’m sorry, but this is along the lines of blaming Joe Camel for smoking while ALL my friends smoke what? MARLBORO. This is also like when they blamed Beavis for the death of some little girl because her brother ignited a can of hairspray with a lighter and burned this house down. Once again, Fartwell has made a point to attack a scapegoat, and folks, we all know that when you attack a scapegoat, what happens? NOTHING. Homosexuality isn’t a problem, I personally don’t like the idea of
it, but there are a lot of things in this world I don’t like… I just don’t bother dwelling on it and you know what? It doesn’t bother me! Besides, if Fartwell is so concerned over men dressing up like women on popular television, I’ve only got 2 words…they set the precedent…GOLDEN GIRLS. 2 more? BEA ARTHUR. If people can tolerate that then they can tolerate a purple sock with a purse.

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