CrackerJack Feedback – Mermaid

I too was recently wondering what the hell was going on with crackerjack
prizes. I was eating some of that stuff a few months ago, for the first
time in a few years probably, and just was amazed at the slip of thin
cardboard prize that I got… I figured it was just bad luck and ate
another box, and got the same thing with a different picture on it. I
hadn’t thought of the kids eating the prizes being the reason, but it
could be… of course you can choke on a postage stamp if you get it
stuck on your toung and it manages to block your breathing in any way. I
thought the reason was probably just money. it cheaper to give a sticker
than to have to mold a piece of plastic, or print up 5 tattoos, or put
little metal balls in a dome with a guy with holes in his eyes. I don’t
even see how they can legally say on the box “Toy Surprise Inside!” I
haven’t seen an actual “toy” in there in a long time now, and that’s
false advertising.

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