Went to church for the first time in ages tonight. Don’t know why I did,
but for some reason I felt like it. Finally found the energy to clean my
room up, and guess what happens….My Goddamn hard drive crashes. More
proof that Samsung shoulda stuck to TV’s. So I get everything back up and
running, its now quarter to 3am, and I no longer feel like cleaning crap
up. Go figure. Work at 10:30am, then I get to go home and be bored,
unless a certain someone decides to call me and wants to hang out. I’ve
got a saying I’ve been using quite a bit lately, and it really describes a
lot of the situations I and my numerous friends and acquaintences are
going through. If we knew how to do everything, life would be pretty damn
boring. All I can say is I can’t wait till Friday, my day off. My day
away from the telephone, a day where I will most likely end up sitting
back in front of this contraption, burning away more brain cells…Thats
if the new oilpan doesn’t come in. I’d prefer if it didn’t come in till
Monday, considering I can’t AFFORD the damn thing right now. I guess I am
at another crossroad in this life, many decisions to make. So far I’ve
made some good ones, and also realized that fate will kick me in the ass
if I stray too far. Case in point, I have been spending ridiculous
amounts of money on stuff I really don’t need. Within a week of this
trend, I end up messing up my car, and having to spend inordinate amounts
of money on things I really DO need…like an oil pan. Beyond that, my
psychic ability (yea, feel free to call me a kook) has been kicking into
overdrive. You have no idea how freaky it is to be able to pick up the
random thoughts of a person you don’t even know…Or to see things coming
minutes/days/months/years in advance, but not knowing what your own future
holds. All I can say is that if you’ve met me, I probably know you
better than you think, and trust me it was un-intentional. Enough
mindless rambling for one evening, I need to dig my bed out from under a
pile of crap.

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