SF to Protect Fat People

Ah, Yahoo has an interesting one. It looks like San Francisco, home the big yellow bridge, is going to write a law that protects fat people from discrimination.This is all revolving from a health club ad which showed an alien (or extra-terrestrial for you bleeding heart fools) with a statement that”warns that when space aliens finally do encounter humans, `they will eat the fat ones first.”’ So now, it looks like fat people will be added to the list of discriminated categories, “race, religion, color,age, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity (a category created to protect transsexuals),disability or place of birth…” In San Francisco. Now not for nothing, discrimination is a real problem,but is mainly purported by the idiots who keep their mouth shut and don’t publicly state their minds anymore. I’ll give you a prime example. Hooters. Ever been there?Ask any man why they like to go there and you know what they will say? They like the food. My ass they like the food, they like to see the scantily clad big breasted waitresses serve them the same greasy food they would get at another restaurant for half the price and without those damn mile high stools to sit on. See in this day and age, you can’t speak your mind, that is not politically correct.So you basically get to sit there,lie through your teeth, and if God forbid some guy applies for a waiter position at Hooters and doesn’t get the job, you have a multi-million dollar lawsuit for discrimination. Am I wrong? I think not. So back to this health club fat people thing, with all the exercise equipment you can buy, all the diet plans out there, you honestly want to pay to go to a health club where you’ll end up getting laughed at? I used to be pretty damn heavy (around 270lbs), and I can easily sympathize with anybody who is overweight and got laughed at for it. I’m around 200lbs now,which means I have no sympathy for those folks who sit and bitch about their weight but don’t do a thing to fix it. Also I’m not going to sit and cry about a billboard that would induce anybody with an open mind to LAUGH THEIR ASSES OFF. I sure as hell would not pay to go to that health club either. With all the fat people on this planet,they’re going to lose a lot of business and that is how this all works. You don’t go crying to the government for some sort of special protection, no, you boycott the business, you let others in your position know what is going on, and you go on with your daily routine. It is not the government’s job to make sure you aren’t made fun of, it is a fact of life that all of us have to deal with and thankfully not everybody is a stuck up anal retentive politically correct idiot who is so stuck up that they must get the GOVERNMENT to destroy someone who hurt their feelings. I guess I’m the real fool though, I still believe in the Freedom of Speech. If I say something you don’t like, GO ELSEWHERE.

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