CD Prices

What the hell is going on with CD’s today? They are still selling them
for $15, even $19 a shot! I could buy 40 blank CD’s for like $10 all of equal quality! If there is anything that will truely give the MP3 community a boost, is that the media used to make a cd (the actual disc) has dropped in price exponentially but the actual cost at the music rack is still ridiculous. I’ve found a use for my zipdisks, I back up all my CD’s for one band into MP3’s, put them on a zipdisk, and when I feel like listening to them I pop the disk into my SCSI zipdrive, and play it off there. I don’t have to worry about scratching crap, and I can put an entire band’s catalogue onto one Zipdisk with EQUAL quality. Best part is, the things don’t skip. Anyhow, back to CD costs, you figure, about 5 or 10 years ago or so, a blank CD-ROM disc cost about $10, and the CD cost $15 on the rack.
Now the black disc costs $.50, and we are still paying $15. Anybody else smell the stink? They’re making a fortune off our hard earned dollars, and it sure as hell doesn’t benefit the band.

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