One leap forward…

A couple tumbles backward… I’ve revived the original name of this weblog from back in the day when it was still called an Everything/Nothing page. Marlin’s Place. Marlin was actually the model of Timex watch I used to wear until some tawdry bitch stole it.

ANYHOW. Things are going well for the most part. I’ve gotten into the club scene in an actual dancing capacity. I tell ya, there’s nothing like the release of just getting out onto a crowded dance floor and doing my own thing regardless of how good or bad I might come off. I have every intention of going back this Friday night, and maybe even Saturday. Who knows?

Anyone interested in coming along, drop me a line if you need directions or a ride to QXT’s. Just plan on dancing, trust me, if I of all people can start dancing in public, so can you.

More updates to come…

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