Preach On Jesse

Oh please someone tell me I am dreaming. I think Jesse Ventura is the
best thing to happen to American Politics in 200 years. He cracks a joke
on the tonight show that was appropriate at the time, but these idiots in
Minnesota got all offended. I’m really tired of this getting offended
bullshit. I was made fun of by other kids from my first day in
Kindergarten to my last day in high school. It is a fact of life and I
never had the LUXURY of being offended. So now all of a sudden, I’m an
adult, and I make use of the big O and people get all shaky? Nah, I don’t
think so. I think this whole damn society is oversensitive as a whole,
and this politically correct BULLSHIT is out of control that the basic
idea of it is OFFENDING ME. You can’t tell a joke anymore, you can’t poke
fun at anybody anymore, you know what happened as a result of me being
made fun of my whole damn life? I have a very BROAD sense of humor, and
also know how to flame others quite well. Fact of the matter is, if I
find someone that doesn’t like what I’m saying, they can LEAVE. I am
highly opinionated, and have an opinion on just about every topic out
there from Automobile’s to that SOB in the White House. So to all the
Irish who were offended by Jesse Ventura, DEAL WITH IT. As for me, I’m
going to go out with my IRISH pal tonight and get sloshed.
Lighten up people, if every learned to laugh instead of complain like a 2
year old who dropped their lollipop, our society wouldn’t be so damn STUCK

Jesse Ventura is the MAN!! He should run for Presiden’t. I’d vote for
him anyday. He’s not a politician, and that’s why he’s awesome. Who
else would tell the press that he was getting better shocks put on his
car to make it easier to run over reporters, or invite a news reporter
on a hunting trip, and promise him a 5 pace head start??? With all the
s*it in NY, it makes me want to move to Minnesota, especially if Hillary
“The Bitch” Clinton runs for Senator! ~ Highlander

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