How about a nice bonedry?

It was a pretty damned good weekend. I’ve definitely learned to appreciate getting out of the house when I can and just cutting loose, just the same, there’s much to be said for sticking close to home and kicking back. Watched “Eternal Sunshine for The Spotless Mind” again tonight, it is definitely one of those movies you need to watch at least twice. Best way to describe the plot, things go bad, a couple breaks up, the girl has her memory erased, then the guy does, but in the process realizes how much he still loves her. There’s a lot to be said for the idea, hell, God knows I’ve thought of it. Lord knows the past few years might have gone a little smoother if I could have just gouged away my memories… but along the same lines, what’s the chance that I would be who I am today without the memories, the experiences, the lessons learned? From the first time I saw it, the movie made me think quite a bit. I haven’t forgotten anything, but I’ve stopped focusing on the past. I’ve held on to the lessons, allowed myself to grow from the experience, and have moved on. I don’t think that if given the opportunity, I would erase or change a thing. Things happen, good or bad I must learn and decide exactly what choices I wish to define myself with. All things considered, I’d rather be defined by my choice to get out and dance, rather than sit in the corner and watch the world pass me by.

Definitely looking forward to next weekend… When I’m out on that floor, for the time I am there… I am truly free.

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