So hows this for a first, club twice in a weekend. Thankfully I didn’t have to drive this time. Had a great time, tore up the dance floor yet again. I’ve talked to a few people lately who still can’t believe that I can actually dance. Hell, I can’t believe I can dance but I do… I usually need to work through the first two or 3 songs before I get into my groove, got tired a lot quicker this time, last night at closing I was dead tired, this time after about 2 hours I was ready to collapse. Talk about a good workout, I shouldn’t have re-joined the gym, just go to the club every weekend! Got a kick out of the fact I went to the bar and asked for a double of Jager, bartender filled a glass for me. Woohoo, guess I’m a regular now! 🙂

Time for sleep… dancing makes me sleepy… hehe

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