New Slang – Joybeans!

rockwork: snow is just starting to flurry here
MarlinWK: hrm
MarlinWK: its gonna be a flop
MarlinWK: i’ll bet my ass hair on it
sara: lol
sara: how much ass hair can you bet?
* MarlinWK looks
MarlinWK: quite a bit
MarlinWK: LOL
sara: hahahha
rockwork: so.. if it snows a bunch, you have to shave/wax it all off and send it overnite/express to sara’s house
MarlinWK: LMAO
MarlinWK: nah, she can pull it out with her teeth
MarlinWK: heh
MarlinWK: i am NOT waxing my ass
rockwork: MarlinWK : you have to now…
rockwork: MarlinWK : you bet all your ass hair, man
sara: waxing his asshair!?
sara: i GOTTTA see that
MarlinWK: i never shook on it
rockwork: sara : when hes stuck in his house later, we’ll have to go pick up the wax at shoprite and head over to his place
sara: ok.. sounds good.. you can get around with the BMW hehe
MarlinWK: rockwork: you just want to see my joybeans, you fagle
sara: hahaha
sara: joybeans?
MarlinWK: just invented that one
MarlinWK: joybeans
MarlinWK: haha
sara: well it’s awesome

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