Until The Dawn of Day

I’m laying in bed, and staring at the ceiling
Afraid to close my eyes again for I know of what I will be dreaming
There is far too much going on in my mind to bring any semblance of order
Through all the love I deny, all I want is one, just one, to long for.

All these endless questions surround my waking thoughts
Why am I still here, not why did I get here, I’m wearing what I’ve wrought.
What I know right now is that I am sick of being alone
Every night I fall asleep in a cold bed, wondering where she’s gone

I’ve done my best to burn my baggage and tear away the chains
Every day I try to hope, and cling to what remains
All I want is just one person I can love more than I have
It’s been so long since I felt it, I don’t know if I can.

I don’t need to fall in love yet, I’d be happy just to feel
The slightest distraction, the faintest attraction, something purely real
Every time I think I find it, they eventually run away
So I’m left here staring at the ceiling, until the dawn of day

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