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I take a deep breath, turn my back again;
Like so many times before, I fight to refrain.
How can I look away, when I see you falling?
I may be too late to catch you, but I’m done stalling.

I’m in your face now, and calling the game.
This truth won’t end on account of your pain.
You’re better than all this – why can’t you see
what the respect you deny has brought upon me?

I haven’t been chosen, know where I stand,
the ones whom you cherish still fall for your scam.
You don’t know respect–I pray that you learn,
Cos although I’ve changed, for you I still burn.

Why have you done this? Why don’t you care?
Were you truly happy, your love would be there.
Over your shoulder, eyes within yours,
At least respect he who covets your flaws.

I can’t teach this lesson, my time has long passed.
You’ll live and you’ll learn a regret that shall last.
All the faces you hide, all the truth you deny…
Left with nothing but strangers to fall for your lie.

– Edited by ‘mi

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