What a bunch of idiots…

In a shining illustration of exactly why so many Americans should just drown in a bucket, the Daily News apparently had some sort of ‘scratch and win’ contest… Well the number they printed as the ‘winning’ number was the wrong one, and as a result a ton of people won an absurd amount of money. Apparently just 1 number was off, it should have been a 12, when in actuality it was 13. Leave it to the freeloading pricks of New York City to stand on line for HOURS (or at least long enough for a news camera to get some juicy footage) over a freebie. NBC was even reporting that people had already started spending the money, buying a car, etc… How the hell is that the Daily News’s problem? Yea, they f*cked up, so what? I tell you, I am really sick of the freebie generation. Mind you, I don’t mind a freebie now and again, but just the same these idiots would have been better going to work instead of standing outside a news agency begging for free money. Jesus. Have some self respect you f**king children!

Daily News’ scratch ‘n mistake

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