What is it about snow that brings out the idiots?

I leave work around 6pm, roads are complete shit (big suprise)… Make it to Pulaski, no traffic, I’m doing between 30 and 40mph most of the way home. I end up catching up to a line of cars doing 10mph…why? Someone up front is ill-prepared for the weather. That also gave me the opportunity to see one of my favorite types of drivers…the All Wheel Driver…nearly cause a head-on collision. The guy was in a Subaru Outback, and proceeds to pass the 3rd or 4th car in line while going up a hill (not even close to a passing zone). As he pulls out, traffic starts approaching in the other lane. Instead of pulling back in, he proceeds to pass 1 car and then pull in, averting a collision by about 20 feet…or a carlength. The kicker? The guys driveway was just over the hill, about 150 feet on the left. He nearly caused a head-on collision just to crest the hill and pull off. Ass.

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